Infamous hackers


"Ever wonder who are the most infamous hackers on the world and what they exactly did to earn their legacy? Well, I present to you a list of the baddest hackers out there."

1. Kevin Mitnick
Father of a "Social Engineering" method. This dude would present himself as someone else, a network administrator or something similar, to get access to computer systems. 
Walk into a IT company, tell the people you are network administrator, get access, steal info, get away with it. He did it. 
It took the government and police quite some time to catch this guy. And they eventually did. Another hacker helped them, which I found funny for some reason. 
While on the run, he would somehow clone a mobile phone to keep his location a secret.
Digital Equipment Corporation, Pacific Bell, NEC Corporation, Motorola, Nokia, Fujitsu, Siemens, Sun, he hacked them all. And caused a damage in millions of dollars. 

2. Jonathan James
Jonathan James, known by his alias c0mrade, hacked into DTRA which stands for Defence Thread Reduction Agency. He got the hold of all e-mails and password belonging to employees of this company. The word is he managed to do that with a worm which infected their system leaving a backdoor for him to enter.
Yeah, and he also hacked into NASA servers and stole their software which was worth somewhere around 1.7 million dollars. 

3. Gary McKinnon
His hack nickname was Solo. Dude was a little strange back in that time. He hacked NASA and some USA military computer systems. Do you know why? He thought that government posses the information about aliens and alien technology that could benefit the entire world and that their are keeping that as a secret. Something like a free energy source. Well, it seems like he was wrong.
Damage he caused is estimated to be around 700 000 dollars. Pretty big amount of money Gary.

4. Kevin Poulsen 
Kevin is a black hat hacker. Well, at least he was a black hat hacker. 
He hacked into FBI servers and was sentenced to 51 months in prison for that. He once crashed several thousand of telephones when trying to win a prize, at some radio station, for 102. caller. 
Do you know where he is know? Dude works as a journalist for Wired News. I guess he settled... Maybe.

5. Vladimir Levin
Vladimir was so black hat. He decided that he needs 10.7 million dollars so he hacked into Citybank account and took it. Yeah, he stole 10.7 million dollars using his computer and a dial-up modem.
And he got caught. Too bad for him. He paid his crime, sentence was three years in jail.

6. Tsutomu Shimomura
Japan brings in their big guns. Tsutomu was the guy responsible for the capture of Kevin Mitnick. He practically put Kevin behind bars. So, is a men who beats the best actually the best? No if there is FBI on his side, providing him with resources and help. That's just my opinion.
I guess that was his peak because there are no other interesting information about him. Expert in computer security and he's also a scientist. And that's it! I guess catching a legend does get you a place in history. 

So that's my list of six most famous hackers ever. I just wanted to say that all of these guys, no matter how ludicrous their intentions may sound, are incredibly good at what they do. 
Geek, nerd? Nope... Geniuses!   

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